Image courtesy of  Pexels , and photographer  Joanna Malinowsa .  

Image courtesy of Pexels, and photographer Joanna Malinowsa. 

Highlights from Ms. Hobsburhg's academic career include:

• Invitation to the Congressional Young Leaders Conference.

• SABJ Patricia Fisher Endowed Journalism Scholarship.

• Enactus (Students In Free Enterprise Executive V.P.

• Numerous awards and scholarships throughout academic career.




Highlights from Ms. Hobsburhg's professional career include:

• Guest speaker at ‘Hack The People’ and ‘Ada Developers Academy.’

• Participant in: Tech Policy Lab’s Diverse Voices - Augmented Reality Panel.

• Mentioned in Intel’s "Meet The Experts," and quoted in a "GeekWire" article.

• Alpha Reader & 'Acknowledgement' recipient for - "Women in Tech: Take Your Career to the Next Level with Practical Advice and Inspiring Stories."